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Finding The Right Ecommerce Platform For Effective SEO Strategies

From dozens of popular options, picking the right eCommerce can be a hard choice. A question that comes up frequently is, “How do I find the best eCommerce platform?”. MikeCP for SEOMoz highlights some of the some of the must have features when evaluating the SEO capabilities of any eCommerce platform. Whether you’ll be selling home-made goods, or drop shipping, you’ll want to make an informed decision from the start….

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Purging Duplicate Content From Your eCommerce Store: Standout From The Competition

The competition for online retailers is stiff, and isn’t getting easier. Executing on your marketing strategy is the key to success for your online business. We’ve learned that Google’s PageRank algorithm rewards unique content. One area where many retailers fall short are with their product descriptions, opting instead to use the manufactures copy. Standing out amongst the crowd of other retailers is easy with a little work. Kate Morris for…

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10 SEO Trends That Can Affect Your Online Store

If you were unaware, Google’s PageRank algorithm is constantly tweaked to provide a better user experience, and relevant search results. However, these changes can have a negative impact on all the work you’ve done to rank well. Neil Patel of Quicksprout dives into the 10 SEO trends you can’t ignore: The age of SEO being simple is over. You’re responsibilities have been massively upgraded by a flood of new SEO…

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