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Researching Market Niche: Finding the Perfect Product for Your Ecommerce Store

What is a niche market? Simply put, a niche market is a specific market that caters to a generally smaller, albeit more focused group of consumers. This is not to say that running a niche ecommerce store is less profitable; on the contrary, offering these specialized products is often an excellent option for small businesses that cannot compete with larger online retailers. Riding the long tail of success Niche ecommerce…

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Building on Success: Buying a Pre-Existing Online Store

Purchasing a pre-existing ecommerce website is an excellent way to quickly launch yourself into the online market and build on an already established foundation, though it’s not without its own particular difficulties. This article will examine some of the advantages and pitfalls involved with buying a pre-existing online store. Advantages of buying an eCommerce store As you might imagine, there can be many advantages to buying a pre-existing online store….

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